CCTV Drain Surveys

All our vans come equiped with CCTV drainage survey equipment and experienced, fully trained engineers.

CCTV drain surveys across Edinburgh, Lothians and Scottish Borders, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What are drain surveys?

On some jobs it may be necessary for the drain engineer to use a CCTV camera to determine what condition the storm water or sewer drain pipework is in. This will include inserting a drainage camera and recording the CCTV footage.

This technology allows our engineers to find solutions quicker and cheaper for our clients.  All our vans come equipped with CCTV drainage survey equipment and experienced, fully-trained engineers.

CCTV Drain Survey Camera
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The survey also allows the engineer to highlight any possible future drain problems, again giving the chance for the client to prevent what would be a larger job and bill in the future.

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Do I need a CCTV drain survey?

There are many reasons to have a CCTV drain survey completed on your drainage system:

Building work

If you are looking to have any building work carried out on your property, a build-over survey may be required by water companies and building controllers.

Pest control

If you have persistent problems with vermin such as rats it is possible to identify an entry point through a CCTV survey.

Identifying ongoing issues such as blocked drains

You maybe be having a problem with a persistent blocked drain or smells. A survey can identify any problems with a collapse or root ingress.

Buying a new home

A CCTV survey can be carried out on a property to identify any underlying problems prior to purchase. Defective drains are responsible for up to 40% of subsidence cases so a CCTV survey is important to investigate the condition of the drainage system.

Insurance Work

Having drains that are in full working order is not only beneficial for the safety and hygiene of your property and those within it – it also helps with insurance claims and the purchasing of insurance cover.

A CCTV drain survey and its findings will identify specific problems with your drains which can be evidenced through the report documentation – from this, you will be able to place a claim accordingly. It’s worth noting that most buildings insurance providers cover accidental damage, but the interpretation of what is deemed ‘accidental’ can vary depending on the insurance provider.